Mad Russian Christmas

We’ve added a last minute song and light sequence addition. Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Mad Russian Christmas. You can’t go wrong with TSO christmas songs, by far the best songs for light sequences. I love the energy, the instruments and big sound they produce. Hope you enjoy the new song and […]

Mad Russian Light-O-Rama sequence.  64 channel LOR sequence.

The Bumble

A Holly Jolly Christmas

I added a new song to the line up, Burl Ives, A Holly Jolly Christmas.  It’s one of the songs in my favorite Christmas show, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  You know..the one with the Bumble!


Show is live

November 30th marked the opening of the show!  After many days of hard work and planning it’s finally up and running.  It’s a great feeling to have everything working and operating as it should.  An ever better feeling to watch the lights and see what it all does in real-time.  […]

christmas light glory


Pathway lights

Custom made C-9 red and green led pathway lights…Check!


Mega Tree Setup part2

I continued setting up the mega tree with the help of my Dad and brother-in-law. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to finish it without them. Organizing all the light strings took a lot longer than expected but hopefully next year will be much quicker. The end result was well […]

Carlsbad Lights Showtime

Mega tree base

Mega tree setup

I started building the mega tree base today. It began with the portable hole base to put the 15 foot pole into, then the PVC tree ring and finally mounting the controllers to the mega tree pole. Tomorrow we’re going to put the top half on, mount the star and […]


Last song added

I just finished my last sequenced song for the 2013 Christmas season, Sugar Plum Fairy Remix by The Groove Gallery.  After hearing it I knew I had to have it in the show.  Cool song with a dance beat, one of my new favorites!  


Light install

Christmas light install continues

The Christmas light installation continues. Yesterday and today we installed the gutter line led lights and the roof line led lights.  Three strings of 50 bulb c-9 multicolor, three strings of 50 bulb c-9 warm white, and 13 strings of blue icicles for the gutter line. For the roof line […]


Fun with Icicles

Took about an hour to go through 16 packs of icicles and unwind them.  They were a jumbled mess all intertwined together.

LED icicles

Palm tree lights

Light setup begins!

Light setup has officially begun! I’m starting with the candy-cane palm Trees. There will be three candy cane palms that are wrapped with one length of warm white led rope light, one length of red led rope light and six strands of 50 bulb green led string lights.