2015 setup has begun

Setup has begun again, a bit late but I have an excuse… There’s been many changes this year and we have a new team member to the Carlsbad light crew! Our little miracle baby boy was born earlier this year and he’s taken up a lot of the free time that would usually be spent crafting props and sequencing lights. It’s something I wouldn’t trade for all the lights in the world and a spot on the Great Christmas Light Fight! He’s our little baby RGB pixel that’s brighter than any light out there! I’m looking forward to one day showing him how everything works and maybe sparking his curiosity about circuits and electricity.  But…the show must go on and it’s a new show in every way this year. We’ve moved to pixel lights and scaled down the display de to time constraints. Nonetheless it’s going to be cool and I’m looking forward to lighting it up! Happy holidays and an early Merry Christmas! 



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